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Benefits of RFID

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Benefits of RFID Solution for Library


  • No line of sight needed
  • Allows to check-out and check-in several items simultaneously
  • Information directly attached to product
  • Performing both identification and anti-theft in one single operation
  • Different shape and sizes available
  • Able to tag almost anything
  • Accelerate scanning and identifying


  1. Easy issuance/return of books by library staff.
  2. Stock verification can be completed with maximum accuracy and minimal efforts.
  3. Books can be returned even on holidays through drop box.
  4. Particular books can be easily located with the help of Stock control device.
  5. Greatly reduces the wait queues.
  6. Books can be sorted out by the system for arranging it in proper place
  7. Maximum security to the books.
  8. Books can be self issued by users through kiosk.

Easy issuance/return of books by library staff

Use of RFID technology in a library can decrease the time needed for circulation duties since more than one tag can be read at a time. Patron checkout stations can additionally free up staff from these duties. The time necessary to complete an inventory of the library collection can be reduced since inventory can be accomplished with a wand reader as the staff member walks through the stacks of the collection. In addition to the inventory, this wand can also determine if items have been shelved in the correct order. Conveyor belts and sorting systems can reduce time that staff spend shelving returned items because the items can be presorted. By reducing the staff duties in these areas, staff may be used more efficiently in other areas including increased face-to-face service and increased the number of community programs.

Reduction of staff injuries

Karen Schneider, director of Library’s Index to the Internet, states that the repetitive motion required by bar code scanners, including flipping an item and angling it correctly, cost libraries millions of dollars a year in work place injuries. Some libraries, including the San Francisco Public Libraries, look to RFID as a way to reduce the repetitive stress injuries caused by sustained and repetitive motion connected to circulation duties especially. Research varies as to the amount of workman’s compensation claims that are connected to repetitive stress injuries caused by circulation duties, and to what level RFID technology will reduce these injuries and claims.


Correctly operating readers and tags can have near 100% detection rates. Since the tags and sensors communicate with the Integrated Library System (ILS) it is possible to know exactly which items are moving out of the library. The high reliability is especially important when RFID is used in theft detection.

Tag life and appearance

The tag life can be at least 100,000 transactions or at least 10 years. These tags do not interfere with the appearance of the book, and can even be made to appear as part of the wrapper.

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