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RFIF Library consumables


RFID tags are pasted on all the books in the library. RFID tag is considered as one of the key components as RFID tag is the most important link in any RFID system. It has the ability to store information relating to the specific item to which they are attached, rewrite again without any requirement for contact or line of sight. Data within a tag may provide identification for an item, proof of ownership, original storage location, loan status and history. RFID Tag consists of an integrated circuit and an antenna combined to form a transponder. RFID tags collect the energy to operate from a Radio Frequency (RF) field emitted by a reader device; therefore, they do not need a battery. When energized by a radio signal from a fixed position reader or handheld scanner, the tag returns the stored information in order that the item to which it is attached can be easily located.


The chip also has a "multi-read" function, which means that several tags can be read at once. RFID tags have been specifically designed to be affixed into library media, including books, CDs, DVDs and tapes. It is thin, flexible and thus can be laminated between paper and plastic. With special method to attach to books, patron is totally unaware that the tag is there.

Anti-theft sticker:
It will protect RFID Chip inside of the book. With Anti theft stickers, RFID tag will not be damaged easily and it works long term. As the ATS have very good gumming power, it becomes very difficult to peel off. Which again acts as a protection to the RFID tag. Custom designed content can also be printed on the sticker.

Operating frequency 13.56 MHz

Memory 2048 bits R/W EEPROM General characteristics of transponder

Retention life: 50 years or 1,00,000 read/write operations

Memory: 2.5k bits

Operating  temperature  (electronics parts) : - 20'C  to  *85'C

Integrated Circuit: NXP ICode SLIX2. The thickness of the IC in the tags should not exceed 127 μm.

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