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RFIF Library Kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

Self service kiosk is used for Issue, Return and renewal of the library books. It can be integrated with smartcard, barcode or biometric. Self service can provide acknowledgement for every transaction in the form of receipt, email and or SMS.

We provide self-service in custom design as well to suit the library architecture.

All the functionalities of kiosk are developed and tested with koha. Our self service software can be integrated through SIP2, NCIP and web services.

Enabled with anti-collision algorithm that does not limit the number of tags which can be simultaneously identified.


The kiosk can be configured to work in offline mode in case of network connection failure to LMS. On resumption of network connection, all offline transactions will be automatically uploaded/synced to the LMS, if not it will be alerted to the staff immediately. When the Kiosk is running in Offline Mode it will not allow blocked patron to issue/return the books and library staff can define the blocked list at any time by them self.

Provision is provided to display members photograph along with welcome message before performing any transaction.

Can operate with RFID/EM/Hybrid

Multiple languages supported

Multiple books issue and return

Biometric/Face recognition integrated

Software works through SIP2/NCIP

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